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Biblical rare boys names

Biblical rare boys names
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| Biblical rare girls names |
| Biblical girls names |
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| Biblical rare boys names
| Biblical boys names |
[ A ]
Abba - father
Abi - my father
Abiel - God my father
Abner - father of light
Adar - high; eminent
Ahira - brother of iniquity; brother of the shepherd
Alian - high
Amal - labor; iniquity
Amon - faithful; true
Amos - loading; weighty
Amzi - strong; mighty
Apollonius - destroying
Apollos - one who destroys; destroyer
Apollyon - a destroyer
Ar - awakening; uncovering
Arad - a wild ass; a dragon
Aran - an ark; their curse
Ard - one that commands; he that descends
Ariel - altar; light or lion of God
Arnon - rejoicing; sunlight
Asiel - the work of God
Asriel - help of God
Atad - a thorn
Azareel - help of God
Azaz - stron one
Azor - a helper; a court
Azzan - their strength

[ B ]
Baal - master; lord
Baali - my idol; lord over me
Baca - a mulberry-tree
Balak - who lays waste or destroys
Barak - thunder; or in vain
Barnabas - son of the prophet; or of consolation
Bartholomew - a son that suspends the waters
Baruch - who is blessed
Bashan - in the tooth; in ivory
Beer - a well
Benimi - our sons
Beno - his son
Benoni - son of my sorrow; or pain
Beri - my son; my corn
Bethuel - filiation of God
Bezek - lightning; in the chains
Bishlam - in peace
Boaz - or Booz; in strength
Bunni - building me
Buz - despised; plunderd

[ C ]
Cabbon - as though understanding
Cain - possession; or possessed
Caleb - a dog; a crow; a basket
Calvary - the place of a skull
Camon - his resurrection
Carmi - my vineyard; lamb of the waters
Cedron - black; sad
Chebar - force or strength
Chislon - hope, trust
Coos - top, summit
Coz - a thorn
Cush - blackness

[ D ]
Dagon - corn; a fish
Dalphon - the house of caves
Dan - judgment; he that judges
Darius - he that informs himself
Darkon - of generation; of possession
Dedan - their breasts; friendship; a judge
Deuel - the knowledge of God
Dibon - abundance of knowledge
Didymus - a twin; double
Dimon - where it is red
Dishon - fatness; ashes
Dor - generation; habitation
Dothan - the law; custom

[ E ]
Eber - one that passes; anger
Edom - red; earthy; of blood
Eglon - heifer; chariot; round
Elam - a young man; virgin; a secret
Eldad - favored of God; love of God
Elead - witness of God
Eleph - learning
Eli - the offering or lifting up
Eliab - God is my father; God is the father
Eliah - God the Lord
Eliam - the people of God
Eliel - God, my God
Elijah - God the Lord; the strong Lord
Elim - the rams; the strong; stags
Eliud - God is my praise
Elizur - God is my strength; my rock; rock of God
Elon - oak; grove; strong
Elnathan - God hath given; the gift of God
Elohi - Elohim, God
Eluzai - God is my strength
Enam - fountain, open place
Enon - cloud; mass of darkness; fountain; eye
Enos - mortal man; sick; despaired; forgetful 
Er - watchman
Eran - follower
Erastus - lovely; amiable
Eri - my city
Esli - near me; he who separates
Etam - their bird, their covering
Etham - their strength; their sign
Ethan - strong; the gift of the island
Eunice - good victory
Ezekiel - the strength of God
Ezel - going abroad; walk
Ezer - a help

[ F ]
Felix - happy; prosperous

[ G ]
Gaal - contempt; abomination
Gad - a band; a troop
Gaza - strong; a goat
Geber - manly; strong
Genesis - beginning
Gibeon - hill; cup; thing lifted up
Gideon - he that bruises or breaks; a destroyer
Gilboa - revolution of inquiry
Gispa - coming hither
Gob - cistern; grasshopper
Golan - passage; revolution
Goliath - passage; revolution; heap
Gomer - to finish; complete
Gur - the young of a beast; a whelp

[ H ]
Habor - a partaker; a companion
Hadad - joy; noise; clamor
Hadar - power; greatness
Hagar - a stranger; one that fears
Ham - hot; heat; brown
Haman - noise; tumult
Hanes - banishment of grace
Haniel - the gift of God
Hanoch - dedicated
Haran - mountainous country
Harim - destroyed; dedicated to God
Harod - astonishment; fear
Haruz - careful
Hazael - that sees God
Heber - one that passes; anger
Helon - window; grief
Hen - grace; quiet; rest
Heres - the son; an earthen pot
Herod - son of a hero
Heth - trembling; fear
Hezekiah - strength of the Lord
Hiel - God lives; the life of God
Hobab - favored; beloved
Hod - praise; confession
Hor - who conceives, or shows; a hill
Horeb - desert; solitude; destruction
Hori - a prince; freeborn
Hur - liberty; whiteness; hole

[ I ]
Iddo - his band; power; praise
Igal - redeemed; defiled
Ijon - look; eye; fountain
Immanuel - God with us
Ira - watchman; making bare; pouring out
Ir - watchman; city; vision
Irad - wild ass; heap of empire; dragon
Isaiah - the salvation of the God
Ishmael - God that hears
Ishua - plainness; equal
Ithiel - sign; or coming of God
Ivah - iniquity

[ J ]
Jabal - which glides away
Jabin - he that understands; building
Jael - he that ascends; a kid
Jagur - husbandman; stranger
Jah - the everlasting
Jahaziel - seeing God
Jair - my light; who diffuses light
Jakim - rising; confirming; establishing
Jamin - right hand; south wind
Japhet - enlarged; fair; persuading
Jarah - a wood; honeycomb; watching closely
Jareb - a revenger
Jasiel - the strength of God
Jathniel - gift of God
Jattir - a remnant; excellent
Javan - deceiver; one who makes sad
Jazer - assistance; helper
Jaziz - brightness; departing
Jecamiah - resurrection; or revenge of the Lord
Jediael - the science; or knowledge of God
Jeezer - island of help
Jehezekel - strength of God
Jehoram - exaltation of the Lord
Jehovah - self-subsisting
Jehu - himself who exists
Jemuel - God's day; son of God
Jered - ruling; coming down
Jeremai - my height; trowing forth waters
Jericho - his moon; his month; his sweet smell
Jeriel - fear, or vision of God
Jeruel - fear, or vision of God
Jerusalem - vision of peace
Jeshua - a savior; a deliverer
Jesimiel - naming; or astonishment of God
Jesse - gift; oblation; one who is
Jesui - even-tempered; flat country
Jesus - savior; deliverer
Jethro - his excellence; his posterity
Joatham - the perfection of the Lord
Job - he that weeps or cries
Joed - witnessing; robbing; passing over
Joel - he that wills or commands
Johanan - who is liberal or merciful
Jokim - that made the sun stand still
Jonah - a dove; he that oppresses; destroyer
Jordan - the river of judgment
Jorim - he that exalts the Lord
Joses - raised; who pardons
Jotham - the perfection of the Lord
Jubal - he that runs; a trumpet
Judah - the praise of the Lord; confession
Julius - downy; soft and tender hair
Jupiter - the father that helpeth

[ K ]
Kadesh - holiness
Kadmiel - God of antiquity; God of rising
Kemuel - God hath raised up, or established him
Kenan - buyer; owner
Kerioth - the cities; the callings
Keros - crooked; crookedness
Kidron - obscure; making black or sad
Kir - a city; wall; meeting
Kish - hard; difficult; straw; for age
Kishion - hardness; soreness

[ L ]
Laban - white; shining; gentle; brittle
Lael - to God; to the mighty
Lahmi - my bread; my war
Laish - a lion
Lehi - jawbone
Levi - associated with him
Libni - white; whiteness
Linus - net
Lod - nativity; generation
Lois - better
Lubin - heart of a man; heart of a sea
Lud - nativity; generation

[ M ]
Maath - wiping away; breaking; fearing
Machi - poor; a smiter
Machir - selling; knowing
Madian - judgment; striving; covering; chiding
Magdiel - declaring God; chosen fruit of God
Magog - covering; roof; dissolving
Mahanem - a comforter
Malachi - my messenger; my angel
Malcham - their king; their counselor
Malchus - my king; kingdom; or counselor
Manoah - rest; a present
Maroth - bitterness
Mash - who is drawn by force
Mattan - gifts; rains
Medad - he that measures; water of love
Megiddo - his precious fruit; declaring a message
Mehir - a reward
Melchi - my king; my counsel
Memphis - abode of the God
Mene - who reckons or is counted
Mercurius - an orator; an interpreter
Mered - rebellious
Meres - defluxion; imposthume
Merom - eminences; elevations
Meroz - secret; leanness
Micha - who is like to God?
Michal - who is perfect?
Migdol - a tower
Migron - fear; farm; throat
Milcom - their king
Millo - fullness
Mishael - who is asked for or lent
Mizar - little
Moab - of his father
Moloch - king

[ N ]
Nabal - fool; senseless
Nadab - free and voluntary gift; prince
Naham - comforter; leader
Nahor - hoarse; dry; hot
Nain - beauty; pleasantness
Nason - helper; entry-way
Nebat - that beholds
Nebo - that speaks or prophesies
Nemuel - the sleeping of God
Ner - a lamp; new-tilled land
Nethaniah - the gift of the Lord
Nezib - standing-place
Nisan - standard; miracle
Nob - discourse; prophecy
Noe - repose; consolation

[ O ]
Og - a cake; bread baked in ashes
Olympas - heavenly
On - pain; force; iniquity
Ono - grief or strength or iniquity of him
Oreb - a raven
Ornan - that rejoices
Ozem - that fasts; their eagerness
Ozias - strength from the Lord
[ P ]
Pau - howling; sighing
Pashur - that extends or multiplies the hole
Peleg - division
Peniel - face or vision of God; that sees God
Peor - hole; opening
Perez - divided
Persis - that cuts or divides; a nail; a gryphon
Pithon - mouthhful; persuasion
Pontius - marine; belonging to the sea
Pul - bean; destruction
Pur - lot

[ R ]
Ragau - friend; shepherd
Raguel - shepherd; or friend of God
Ram - elevated; subliem
Ramoth - eminence; high places
Rehob - breadth; space; extent
Rei - my shepherd; my companion; my friend
Remmon - greatness; a pomegranate-tree
Rephael - the physic or medicine of God
Reu - his friend; his shepherd
Rezon - lean; small; secret; prince
Rhodes - a rose
Rosh - the head; top; or beginning
Rufus - red

[ S ]
Sadoc - just; righteous
Salem - complete or perfect peace
Salim - foxes, fists; path
Salmon - peaceable; perfect; he that rewards
Samos - full of gravel
Samson - his sun; there the second time
Sardis - prince of joy
Sargon - who takes away protection
Sarid - remaining; hand of a prince
Saron - his plain; his song
Sergius - net
Seth - put; who puts; fixed
Shem - name; renown
Sidon - hunting; fishing; venison
Silas - three; or the third
Sin - bush
Sion - noise; tumult
Sodi - my secret
Sodom - their secret
Stephen - crown; crowned
Sud - my secret

[ T ]
Tabor - choice; purity; bruising
Tidal - that breaks the yoke
Timon - honorable; worthy
Tob - good; goodness
Toi - who wanders
Tyre - strength; rock; sharp

[ U ]
Unni - poor; afflicted; that answers
Ur - fire; light; a valley
Uri - my fire; my light
Uriel - the Lord is my light or fire
Uzzi - my strenght; my kid

[ Z ]
Zadok - just; justified
Zair - little; afflicted; in tribulation
Zalmon - his shade; his image
Zared - strange descent
Zeeb - wolf
Zenan - coldness; target; weapon
Zepho - that sees and observes
Zer - perplexity
Zethar - he that examines or beholds
Zidon - hunting; fishing; venison
Zif - this or that; brightness; comeliness
Zimran - song; singer; vine
Zin - buckler; coldness
Zion - monument; raised up; sepulcher
Zoan - motion
Zobah - an army; warring
Zuriel - rock of strength of God
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